Desalination project UAE - ADNOC Refining

Desalination project UAE - ADNOC Refining
Desalination project UAE - ADNOC Refining

Desalination project UAE - ADNOC Refining has awarded a $473 million contract in 2018 to Samsung Engineering to deliver a new power & water generation plant for the Abu Dhabi oil giant.

The Waste Heat Recovery Project (WHRP) will be constructed at the Ruwais Industrial Complex, 240km west of Abu Dhabi city UAE.

Krone has produced the main filters as crucial part of this important ADNOC project an undersigns Krone Position in desalination projects in the region following the filter delivery to Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura desalination project delivered in 2019.

Successful final inspection was held on 5th May 2020 for 4 units seawater backflush filters ANSI 28” class 300 for ADNOC Ruwais refinery WHR Project with a capacity over 5000 m3/h each filter unit at 1 mm filter mesh are produced with special internal rubberlining for corrosion protection with additional super duplex and titanium internals.

ADNOC Refining Waste Heat Recovery Project has a Capacity to desalinate seawater and produces drinking water in a permanent high capacity. The Krone completely redundant filter system will protect the desalination process and filter the raw seawater INTAKE.

This Waste Heat Recovery Project (WHR) follows the EPC contract signed with SECL in July 2018 for the Crude Flexibility Project (CFP). The final destination of the plant is UAE for the Ruwais Refinery owned by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

The scope of supply includes engineering, fabrication and delivery of two Multiple Effect Distillation with vapour thercompression units with a capacity of 31 250 m3/d each.